Custom Birthday Cakes

Looking for a Place to Order Custom Cookies Online? For Custom Birthday Cakes and More, Call Cookie Queen Kitsch’n

Having a birthday is something that is just so exciting. It comes once a year, and it’s a great excuse to get the foods, like cakes and cookies, that you love. If you’re looking for customizable cookies and cakes, then you’ve come to the right place at Cookie Queen Kitsch’n. We are a custom cookie, cake, and dessert company. We also work with event styling and baking, so you can get the items that you want totally customized. Custom birthday cakes are just a portion of what we do. You can also order custom cookies online from our shop, having them delivered straight to you or ready for pickup.


On our site, we have all-inclusive packages that make your parties simple to cater. We also have possible add-on options, like balloons, savory foods and kids’ tables. Whether you have a little boy who is having a fantastic birthday party or want to order custom cookies for an engagement party, we’re here to help! On our website, you’ll see a number of different packages that are available as well as a flavour menu and other items that you can buy. Based in Sydney, we’re here to help you with your party. Call us today to learn more about our services by dialing 0497-103-638.


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