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Do You Want to Buy Custom Cookie Boxes Online? Buy Macarons Online at Cookie Queen Kitsch’n

Would you like to dazzle and surprise your guests with custom cookie boxes that you can’t find anywhere else? Do you want to make your event so unique that no one will forget it for years to come? At our website, you can buy desserts, cakes, pastries and macarons in just a few easy steps.


If you’re looking to buy macarons online, then you’re at the right place with us at Cookie Queen Kitsch’n. We work hard to provide macarons of various flavors and sizes, so you can find the perfect choices for birthday parties and events. Our macarons come in many flavours including strawberry, chocolate ganache, rose, gingerbread, bubblegum, coconut, mixed berry and so many others.


On top of these, you can add to your event with additional items such as cakes and cupcakes, custom oreos, push pops, and meringue kisses. From chocolate gems to chocolate bars, we’ll provide the customized treats that you want for your event.


Our regular dessert orders are 12 pieces, and for mini items, there is a minimum of 24 per purchase. Online, you can select up to 10 products at once to check out. If you would like more, please reach out to us directly at 0497-103-638. We’d love to talk to you about catering a large event, completely customizing your cookie boxes, cakes and more.


Don’t forget about our classic add-ons. We have backdrops, candy bar canopies, and other items that you may like for your event. Check out our packages to see clever items such as our donut wall package, sparkly box package or glitter box package.


We’re here to help when you need it. Give us a call, so we can give you a quote for your event.