Our Custom Cupcakes are finished in Buttercream with Topper of choice.
Toppers are available in Fondant mold items, Edible Images, Wafers, Ring Toppers, Acrylic.    (additional cost of $2 each).


Flavours of cake can be found in the Flavour Menu.  
These can only be ordered in increments of 12.


We give the option of Gluten Free and Dairy Free, but with the warning that our ingredients used state on them that they have been processed on machinery where nuts, egg and gluten have been present. Our kitchen is a nut free enviroment, we sterilise before & after each cook, however it isn't completely free and items can be airbourne.

The additional cost is incured due to the substitutes to our regular ingredients are more expensive to source for the baking process and as these are made to order we purchase not in bulk but as required.

GF or DF Cupcakes